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Code your robots and machines to interact with the surrounding! Prerequisites- Boffin Phase 1, Boffin Phase 2, high-speed internet connection, a computer or a tablet.

9-15 Years
16 Hours
16 Robots
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Code your robots and machines to interact with the surrounding! Prerequisites- Boffin Phase 1, Boffin Phase 2, high-speed internet connection, a computer or a tablet.

5-7 Years
10 Hours
10 Sessions

Course Overview

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We all know the importance of learning to code. Coding gives a new perspective to problem-solving and develops skills that are essential in the 21st century. But to learn to code, sitting in front of the computer the whole day is no fun at all.

Creating and building with your hands improves dexterity, confidence when interacting with actual machines and objects in our daily lives. It also builds confidence to solve real-life problems.

So, we at Blix with our deep experience are producing world-class toys, developed the Boffin ecosystem. This combines construction activities and coding to help one become an innovator in the true sense.

Boffin is developed around the Arduino Nano microcontroller that adds brain and computing power to our already existing Blix Robotics products. Boffin also comes with peripheral boards which act as inputs and outputs to the mainboard and they are the medium through which the Blix parts can interact with the environment.

Kit Overview

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Boffin III kit will have additional input-output devices like bluetooth, soil-moisture sensor, pump, and temperature-humidity sensor with more constructional parts to build advanced machines which can be remotely operated.

Boffin III Develops

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Logic building

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Programming skills

critical thinking

Critical Thinking

problem solving

Problem Solving

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Code development

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Scientific Literacy


Analytical thinking

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Measurements and mathematics


Course Breakdown

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  • Setting up bluetooth on Boffin to receive data.
  • Coding the Boffin to take actions on data received from bluetooth
  • Learning actual steering mechanism and building it
  • Huge construction
  • Using mobile as input

  • Basics of app development using Kodular/MIT App inventor
  • Integrating bluetooth radio with the app
  • Sending data to Boffin through bluetooth
  • Building and exporting the app
  • Testing the bluetooth controlled truck with mobile (changing speeds, braking and steering)

  • Introduction to temperature and humidity sensor
  • Setting up bluetooth to send data from Boffin to mobile devices
  • Constructing model to gather temperature, humidity, and wind speed data

  • Developing app to read data from Boffin
  • Using raw data from Boffin and converting it into meaningful data
  • Learn how to plot graphs on mobile devices
  • Build, export and test the app
  • Wireless data acquisition

  • Construct huge cranes used in ports to transfer containers from ships to trucks
  • Huge construction
  • Understand stability of huge builds
  • Control the crane using bluetooth

  • Learn actual mechanism of industrial forklift
  • Control steering and lift mechanism
  • Bluetooth operated vehicle
  • Practice app development

  • Understanding moisture sensor
  • Learn about pump operation
  • Monitoring garden parameters and operating the output devices


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Blix Boffin III is a robotics programme for children aged 9 to 15. It is one of Blix’s more complex classes, in which children learn to programme their robots and devices to interact with their environment. It consists of 16 one-hour sessions in which children construct 16 robots using a well-organized toolbox and handbook under the supervision of an expert STEAM trainer.

The Blix Boffin III course comprises 16 lessons that will teach kids various concepts of robotics in an easy-to-understand and exciting manner. The concepts that they will learn are Programming, Microcontroller- Arduino Nano, System Design, Industrial Application of Robots, Temperature and Humidity sensor, Moisture sensor, Bluetooth control and communication, Mobile app development and Event sequencing tasks.

The child should have completed Blix Boffin Phase I & Phase II before starting Boffin Phase III.

The Blix Boffin III course will not only assist your child to learn STEAM and robotics concepts but is also designed to support a child’s holistic development. It will aid in the development of critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills, among others. It will also strengthen their curiosity as well as their logical and analytical reasoning, both of which are essential for their general growth.


What Parents say

We appreciate your kind and honest feedback and invite you to explore our amazing products.

I can’t remember how I found Blix on an Instagram page and today my child is completely loving it. I, as a mother who didn’t help him in science, robotics, or coding. But, Blix is doing really really good to him. Now, he is doing the second module with blix and he has stopped playing games on iPad or PS. I didn’t have to stop him, I just shifted him towards Blix

Mrs. Samriti Kapoor

Mrs. Samriti Kapoor

Parent of 12-year-old

We found it really interesting to learn with Blix. I, myself love electronics and wanted to introduce it to my child. I planned to teach it with different sets to my child but I couldn’t do it. But, with Blix, it was much easier to introduce. When the live classes started, my child got more excited and interested in learning about electronics.

Mr. Harish

Mr. Harish

Parent of a 7-year-old

When I went through the courses of Blix, Akshit was really keen on learning robotics, AI, and ML. This propelled me to get in touch with you and when I received the Kit, I was expecting it to be a normal online available robotics kit but it was a well-designed kit with the construction set. Then my child started the live sessions and followed every challenge to build the robots. He enjoyed making line followers and many more amazing machines.

Dr. Manoranjan

Dr. Manoranjan

Parent of a 10-year-old

Burhanuddin has gone through various free sessions of different coding classes but it never struck me that this is what I want him to do. But when I came across Blix I found that it is a hands-on experience. The child is actually doing something! Plus it is building his knowledge. I researched Blix on the internet and I decided that this is something I will give my child as a gift.

Mrs. Zainab

Mrs. Zainab

Parent of an 8-year-old