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Blix-a-thon Problem Statement Blog

A robotic competition is a series of events, where teams design, build and program robots to complete a specific task or challenge. So, when a problem statement is announced after that students begin to ideate their solutions through various means.
This way they can demonstrate their technical and problem solving skills.

So when designing a problem statement, it is very important that, when they first encounter it, it gives students a feeling of confidence that they can try and win.
Since this was the first year of the Blix-a-thon, we researched what type of problem statements were announced by other organisations in the edtech space.
Most of the challenges given included the solutions around Sustainable
Development Goals
– Climate change
– clean water and sanitation
– Life on land etc.

Although it is good to try and develop solutions to the above reasons, We felt that children might come up with different and unique solutions to the problems faced by their near and dear ones.
Therefore, keeping in mind the confidence and happiness of the students we prepared a problem statement as follows-

Blix A Thon Statement

When it comes to our loved ones, friends or family, we definitely have something in mind that they are dealing with. And we will feel happy in solving their problems.

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