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Blix Junior is a Robotics by Blix Robotics for children between the ages 5 to 7. Under the Blix Junior, kids will learn complex and extremely important concepts of Robotics in a very fun, simplified, and exciting way. The concepts that they will learn are Wheel & Axle, Aerodynamics, Linkages, Suspension, Algorithm Designing, Scissor Mechanism, and Coding-decoding Messages.

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In Blix Junior, go on an adventure with Kit, Laya & their robot Rob. In the Blix junior , they will ride through the jungle, solve problems for the people in need, use suspensions to ride through the forest, make a bridge to cross a river filled with crocodiles, and have a lot more fun adventures and experiences. With this robotics for kids, learn concepts such as Aerodynamics, Algorithm Designing, Scissor Mechanism, Coding-decoding Messages, etc. as the adventures unfold with Blix Junior, the best way to initiate robotics learning for kids.


No. of Parts- 90+
Models- 10

What’s inside the box?

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This course includes a fully functional construction toolkit.

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